Travel Disruption – Taking insurance cover to the “Extreme” 

The start of 2019 has already witnessed some severe weather related passenger travel disruption, with unprecedented levels of snowfall across areas of Germany & Austria, leaving transport infrastructure and services at a standstill across many areas. 

Adverse weather is just one of the extreme ‘force majeure’ events that Tour Operators and Organisers can choose to protect under a Travel Disruption Insurance Policy. 

Robust Travel Disruption insurance cover will assist in providing reimbursement for such things as unused or reasonable additional hotel accommodation, private and/or public transport costs or expenses, following a force majeure event, which the passenger has paid (or are contracted to pay) and are unable to use. 

James Hallam Travel & Tour only work with market leading providers for this very niche insurance product, offering protection against a variety of force majeure events, including but not limited to : 

 Strikes and Industrial action 

 Terrorist Activity 

 Outbreak of Communicable Disease 

 Derangement or accident to aircraft 

 Riot or Civil Commotion 

 Climatic conditions/acts of nature 

For further information or to arrange a quotation please email or telephone Andrew Harris or Vito Sepe directly on 01923 298455 or 01923 298435 

James Hallam Travel and Tour is a trading name of James Hallam Limited who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

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