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James Hallam insurance - Blue
James Hallam insurance - Blue
James Hallam insurance - Blue
James Hallam insurance - Blue
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Regulations and Compliance

James Hallam Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and all Directors are Approved Persons.

All James Hallam broking staff and advisers are continually engaged in their professional development and James Hallam ensures they are fully trained and competent.

James Hallam’s complaints procedure is detailed in each of the Terms of Business Agreements.

James Hallam’s registration number is: James Hallam Ltd. – 134435

Travel insurance consumers with a serious medical condition may benefit from access to a directory of specialist providers.        Please see the directory contact details below.

Telephone: 0800 138 7777

James Hallam Limited Trading Names:

4sight Risk Management, James Hallam, James Hallam Insurance Brokers,  James Hallam Automotive, James Hallam Charities, James Hallam Corporate Risks, James Hallam Estate and Private Clients, James Hallam Hospitality and Leisure, James Hallam London Market, James Hallam Marine and Credit, James Hallam Private Clients, James Hallam Professional Risks, James Hallam ProMed, James Hallam Real Estate, James Hallam SME, James Hallam Sport, James Hallam Travel and Tour, JH London Markets, Motor Race Consultants, Motor Race Consultants (Insurance Services) Limited, JHRM, James Hallam Risk Management, MRC Limited (Ltd), MRC at James Hallam Sport, Everards Insurance Brokers, Grandstand, James Hallam Healthcare and Protection, Arnold Fisher, Yesquote, James Hallam YesQuote, JHL YesQuote, Taste of the West Insurance Services

Seventeen Group is a Holding Company and not regulated by the FCA. Seventeen Group does not itself transact any regulated business.

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