Business Basics™ explained & the 4 coaching options

Module 1: Growing Your Business

To survive, every business needs to grow, but to do that you need to understand ‘The Journey’. In this module we cover the activities that are essential to successful growth.

  • “The Growth Journey” – 3 Key Questions you need to answer
  • Understand the ‘Business Growth Formula’ and how it affects your business
  • Learn about the 6 Business Growth Drivers and how to apply them
  • Listen to 2 Business Growth Podcasts complete with downloadable scripts
  • Access 3 Key Templates to plan your growth
  • Read our 15 Page ‘Business Growth’ eBook with the key learning and action points

Module 3: Business Mechanics & Business Management

Businesses are made up of lots of different component parts which all come together under the leadership and management team to drive you forward. Understanding how to make all the moving parts work together is a vital skill for running a successful business.

  • Learn what makes your business ‘tick’
  • Create your ‘Business Framework’
  • Understand how the parts of your business fit & work together
  • Listen to our Podcast with downloadable scripts
  • Use our ‘Business Mechanics’ and the Business Basics™ Canvas template to understand and visualise your business and its component parts

Module 5: Understanding Risk

Running any business involves risk – however successful businesses understand risk and how to manage it.

  • What are you in business for?
  • What do we mean by risk?
  • Learn the ‘5 Types of Risk’
  • How does risk affect your business decisions?
  • Listen to our Risk Podcast with downloadable script
  • Use our ‘Risk Template’ to understand your business risks

Business Basics™ – Options

Level 1

Business Basics™ on-line coaching




Level 2

Business Basics™ on-line coaching plus

Two one-hour sessions with one of our coaching team.


Level 3

Business Basics™ on-line coaching plus

4 one-hour sessions with one of our coaches spread over 2-4 months


Level 4

Business Basics™ on-line coaching plus

8 one-hour sessions with one of our coaches spread over 3-8 months


Cost: £200 Cost: £650 Cost: £1100 Cost: £2000
Outcomes: Outcomes: Outcomes: Outcomes:
To give all SME business owners a better understanding and insight into what they need to learn and develop, to start and build a successful business. You do not need a degree in business to be successful, but you do need to be business aware. If you do not know, understand and deploy these skills you will remain at a competitive disadvantage indefinitely. Businesses can become over complicated and Business Basics™ provides you with a way of simplifying, visualising and managing the different aspects of your business.


Using and working with the Business Basics™ material is designed to stimulate the business thinking. Once you have been through the material there may be a few questions you want to ask to help you on your way. These two one-hour sessions give you an opportunity to ask these questions. We all have different skill sets and you will find some aspects of your business easier than others, so take the opportunity to talk about your concerns and problems, as well as your plans.


The additional coaching time will give you the opportunity to further develop your business thinking with the input of someone who has been where you are. They will see things about your business and your competitive environment that you might not, and they will help you to map your way forward. They will test your thinking and assumptions to make sure you are analysing the options. In business, nothing stays the same for long and we need to adjust to this changing environment. If we want to improve our financial results, we need to improve how our business operates and the coaches are there to support this process.


Every business is different, and we learn in different ways. It also takes time to digest information, evaluate the options and decide to act on it. Some people, perhaps with more experience, will be happy to run for longer without getting the coaches input, while others will benefit from more regular contact. The different packages cater for different levels of requirement, based on what works best for the entrepreneur and the stage their business is at. Businesses go through different phases and this can influence when and how much help is needed. You can add more coaching time at any point so if you come to the end of what you have paid for and want the input to continue, then you can simply buy more of our time when you need it.


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